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Winter Rodents

The colder months mean that you will probably be spending most of your time indoors. Unfortunately, these months also indicate that rodents will be trying to do the same. Mice and rats in particular are well known for inhabiting homes, in order to provide a comfortable environment to live in. This can cause a number of problems. First, a requirement for food will cause a constant search for sources of sustenance. They then will urinate, defecate, and contaminate in the course of action. Lastly, structural damage is plausible through the constant gnawing of wires, foundations, etc…

In order to get rid of mice or rats, you will have to bring a pest control professional within the confines of your living space, in order to start the procedure of elimination. Once eradicated, the next step would be to close all noticeable holes and openings that can be used as entranceways by rodents. This also means securing all doors and windows of your home. Compression seals and brush strips can assist in sealing doors, while checking for cracks within windows will aid in sealing up those areas as well. After exclusion is complete, a well-cleaned household is important, in order to monitor any activity in future instances, as well as reduce places for rodents to nest and hide.

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