Precision Pest Control is a pest control company in Connecticut committed to providing effective services and solutions for your home or business at competitive rates.

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We are a family owned and operated business with over 18 years experience. We offer a variety of effective rodent and insect treatments from conventional to organic pest control: EPA registered conventional products, EcoSMARTs complete line of botanical products, along with Integrated Pest Management approaches. We are the premiere exterminator in CT.

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dollar_currency_sign Take advantage of our online coupons and save money! We offer a variety of online coupons for first time customers, seniors, and when dealing with multiple pests. Print one of our coupons and save money today!

We want to protect your family safely and effectively. The first step in our customer care program is for our trained professionals to perform a thorough inspection. This is key to solving any pest control problem.

We offer EcoSMART’s complete line of botanical products. They are extremely effective against a broad spectrum of insect pests and provide a quick knockdown along with control with minimal environmental and mammalian toxicity.

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