Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a wide spread problem across the United States. They do not fly and as a result are carried into the confines of people’s homes.  Often they are picked up from areas of society where there is a high density of people.  Examples of this include stores, hotels, airports, train stations, and work environments. Interaction with others is also a key component in developing an infestation, such as those with family members, friends, as well as co-workers.

May people don’t realize that they have a problem until the warning signs of such arise. Bed bugs are blood feeders and attach themselves to their host (primarily humans) on a nightly basis, due to the fact that they are noctural.  As a result to this, visual inspections are difficult because they are predominantly seen at night, and crawl into tight cracks and crevices, so as not to be seen. However, some signs are blood on sheets and fecal matter in cracks & crevices of mattresses, box springs & frames.  Bites are typically in a row on any exposed area of the body.

It should also be known that once bed bugs have inhabited your home, it is necessary to treat the problem as soon as possible. They can withstand harsh conditions, as well as going extensive periods of time without a blood meal.  This makes the process of eliminating them difficult, and requires a skilled and trained pest control technician to complete the eradication of this pest.

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