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100% Satisfaction

Precision Pest Control offers our customers high-quality customer care. We want to protect your family safely and effectively. The first step in our customer care program is for our trained professionals to perform a thorough inspection. This is key to solving any pest control problem.

We will inspect your home from top to bottom including attics and basements. After your home inspection, we will evaluate your problem and design a customized treatment plan.

Whether it is with EPA registered products or organic solutions, Precision Pest Control will guaranty elimination of your pest problems. Organic pest control solutions are non-chemical treatments. We also offer Integrated Pest Management solutions that will help correct conditions that are conductive to pests.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Precision Pest Control stands by our customer guaranty. We provide our customers with quality service, the best knowledge and our commitment to solving your problem.

We guaranty pest elimination with a written warranty. If you experience a problem, we will reschedule an appointment promptly to service you and eradicate your problem.